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[ap_list list_type=”ap-list3″] [ap_li]Deaf Awareness & Communication Tactics – certificated and non-certificated courses available – including eLearning [AWARENESSbites] [/ap_li] [ap_li]Media services – making your information accessible in British Sign Language (BSL video clips) – web-ready or on DVD[/ap_li] [ap_li]Consultancy – providing you with over 30 years of knowledge, understanding and experience in the filed of deafness and deafblindness[/ap_li] [/ap_list]

Communication … its in your hands

Are your services ‘deaf aware’? Have a look at some basic communication tips that you may find useful – click here <<< blutick

[ap_toggle title=”What people are saying about us …” status=”close”] [ap_testimonial image=”” image_shape=”round” client=”Trainer” designation=”Participant on DAC1 Teacher Training Day”] Excellent training delivered clearly, concisely and with calm clear nature. Realy appreciated.
[/ap_testimonial] [ap_testimonial image=”” image_shape=”round” client=”Dan Henderson” designation=”RMT Learning Scotland”] … the feedback from all of the courses we have done with you has been excellent, thanks for all the time and effort you have put in.
[/ap_testimonial] [ap_testimonial image=”” image_shape=”square” client=”Dave Smyth” designation=”Directror of L&D”] Exceptional day, all our staff benefited from the Deaf Awareness training day. Thanks
[/ap_testimonial] [ap_testimonial image=”” image_shape=”square” client=”Clara Gibson” designation=”Service Manager”] After receiving training from COMMTACS we made a few minor changes to our service delivery which hopefully will make us far more accessible – it’s the small changes that can make the big differences.
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