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Online/e-Learning packages available for all front-line staff and volunteers who meet deaf people through their everyday activities.

Deaf Awareness

With one-in-six of the population being deaf (having a hearing loss to some degree) we can offer courses to meet your service needs.

British Sign Language

British Sign Language (BSL) courses delivered in a friendly, professional and relaxed atmosphere by fully qualified BSL tutors.

Work-Based Courses

Courses that incorporate deaf awareness in theory and practical elements along with domain specific sign language to suit your environment.

Website Design/Maintenance

We can create the ideal website design for your content which is fully responsive and cross platform and browser compatible.

BSL Translation

We can create a BSL version of your website content or of your publications, reports, documents etc. Making them accessible to BSL users.

Communication ... it's in your hands

We can provide you with leanig & development that works around your needs - increasing access to your services for Deaf BSL users, Deafened, Hard of hearing & Deafblind people.

Latest news from COMMTACS

Catch up with what's happening with COMMTACS learning & development and COMMTACS Media Services

Bymainadmin Sep 20, 2019

Edinburgh Health and Social Care Health and Social Care Partnership

Looking forward to working on a full training programme with Health and Social Care Health and Social Care Partnership to deliver a series o

Bymainadmin Aug 26, 2019

HMP Durham

Many thanks for the warm welcome from HMP Durham staff who attend the Get Deaf Aware/Intro to British Sign Language course. Great day had by all

Bymainadmin Feb 26, 2019

Deaf & BSL Awareness at AiB

Practical workshop session - learning into practice Staff at AiB (Accountancy in Bankruptcy - Scottish Government) underwent Deaf Awareness &

Bymainadmin Feb 7, 2019

Revenue Scotland become Deaf & BSL Aware

Revenue Scotland is responsible for the management and collection of Scotland’s devolved taxes. They have recently published their BSL Plan